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UL 1741 listed IP65 6kw split phase hybrid inverter InfiniSolar WP LV 6kw , with AC Coupling



IP65 Protection with Parallel Capability – Powerful, Durable & Flexible

With Ingress protection of IP65, InfiniSolar WP LV 6kW is fully protected against dust, airborne particles whilst and water jets which makes it suitable for use both in the indoor and harsh outdoor environment. IP65 design also prevents early aging of the power system. Parallel operation max to 6 units with greater power and capacity by adding more inverters, enables a total power rating of up to 36kW. InfiniSolar WP LV 6kW is an all-around solution for your household and business.

Dual Terminal Design

Support Multiple Input & Output - Split Phase 

This inverter supports multiple input and output voltages. If split phase is selected, the output voltage will automatically generate as 208Vac or 240Vac depending on input voltage.

Dual Terminal Design

Built-In AC Coupled Function- Expand Existing On-Grid System to Hybrid

With built-In AC coupled function, Off-the-shelf grid components can be easily upgraded and expand to a self-consume system. It reduces the system costs and increases flexibility of whole system.


Dual Terminal Design

Dual Outputs for Smart Load Management – Advanced Control & Flexibility Management

InfiniSolar WP LV 6kW is offering a second AC output for smart load management. Users can set cut-off voltage or state of charge (SoC) percentage, discharge time and scheduled time for 2nd AC output on/off through LCD operation. It helps to extend backup time on critical loads by shutting down the second output or schedule on second output during sufficient power source and off at night. It increases flexibility of load control.


Wi-Fi Monitoring -Manage Your System Performance, Anytime, Anywhere

InfiniSolar WP LV 6kW also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi function, mobile monitoring can be carried out through mobile applications in both iOS and Android. Users can access and set production and rated information such as operation modes, output/battery parameters, and solar supply priorities. Moreover, users can track the history of the unit information and set timely.