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GR11 1-10KVA

GR11 1-10KVA Rack mount Online UPS Ideal for medium-density power protection demand, provides Rack/Tower form factor to fit diverse environment. Despite its compact footprint, this UPS incorporates internal battery packs which can be accessed via the front panel for maintenance checks and replacement without removing the UPS from its rack mounting.
The LCD display panel can be easily shifted by pressing buttons to suit the installation format, vertically stand or flatly rack mount. Besides, IT personnel can manage equipment well from learning remaining backup time information via LCD display.

  • True double-conversion

  • Microprocessor control optimizes reliability

  • Output power factor PF0.9

  • Wide input voltage range(110-300VAC)

  • Converter mode available

  • ECO mode for energy saving only available for 1-3KVA models

  • Generator compatible

  • Adjustable charging current via LCD or software(1A-6A) only available for 6K/10K models

  • Emergency power off function(EPO) only available for 6K/10K models

  • Comprehensive display allows easy monitoring access of  UPS status

  • Rack-Tower 2-in-1 for 6KVA and below models

  • Hot -swappable battery design for 6KVA and below models

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InputNominal Voltage200/208/220/230/240VAC208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range110-300VAC at 50% load 160-280VAC at 100% load110-300VAC±3%  at 50% load 176-300VAC±3% at 100% load
Frequency40-70Hz46-54Hz or 56-64Hz
Power Factor0.99
OutputVoltage 200/208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Regulation±1%
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range)47-53Hz or 57-63Hz46-54Hz or 56-64Hz
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode)50Hz±0.25Hz or 60Hz±0.3Hz50Hz±0.1Hz or 60Hz±0.1Hz
Current Crest Ratio3:1
Harmonic Distortion≤3% THD(Linear load)  ≤6% THD(Non-linear load)≤3% THD(Linear load) ≤5% THD(Non-linear load)
Transfer Time0ms
Wave FormPure Sine Wave
EfficiencyAC Mode88%89%90%92%93%
Battery Mode83%87%88%90%91%
Battery (Standard Model)Battery Type12V9AH12V9AH12V9AH12V7AH12V9AH
Numbers2PCS4PCS6PCS16-20PCS (adjustable)
Typical Recharge Time3 hours recover to 90-100% capacity9 hours recover to 90% capacity
Charging Current1ADefault:1.0 A ± 10%, Max.:2.0A ± 10%
Charging Voltage27.4VDC ± 1%54.7 VDC ±1%82.1 VDC ±1%218.4 VDC ±  1%(based on 16 pcs batteries)
Battery (Long-run Model)Battery TypeDepending on the capacity of external batteries
Numbers2/34/66/816-20pcs (adjustable)
Charging Current1.0A/2.0A/4.0A/6.0 A1.0A/2.0A/4.0A/6.0 A(adjustable,6A is only avaiable for 16pcs batteries)
Charging Voltage27.4/41.0VDC ± 1%54.7/82.1 VDC ±1%82.1/109.4VDC ±1%273 VDC ± 1% (based on 20 pcs batteries)
IndicatorsLCD PanelUPS status, Load level, Battery level, Input/Output voltage, Discharge timer, and Fault conditions
AlarmBattery ModeSounding every 4 seconds
Low BatterySounding every second
OverloadSounding twice every second
FaultContinously sounding
Physical(Standatd Model)Dimension,D*W*H(mm)310*438*88(2U)410*438*88(2U)630*438*88UPS Unit:500*438*88(2U) Battery pack:668*438*88(2U)UPS Unit:580*438*133(3U) Battery pack:668*438*88(2U)
Net Weight(kgs)121929.3UPS Unit:15 Battery Pack:48(16pcs)UPS Unit:18 Battery Pack:51(16pcs)
Physical(Long-run Model)Dimension,D*W*H(mm)310*438*88(2U)410*438*88(2U)500*438*88 (2U)580*438*133(3U)
Net Weight(kgs)91214.21518
EnvironmentHumidity20-90 % RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)0-95 % RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)
Noise LevelLess than 50dBA @ 1 MeterLess than 55dBA @ 1 MeterLess than 58dBA @ 1 Meter
ManagementSmart RS232/USBSupports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8, Linux, Unix, and MAC
Optional SNMPPower management from SNMP manager and web browser
*Long-run model is only available in 200/208/220/230/240VAC systems.
**Derate to 80% of capacity in Frequency converter mode and to 80% when the output voltage is adjusted   to 100/200/208VAC
* Product specifications are subject to change without further notice